The Conjuring Movies…..


After Almost Four Decades, The Warrens Are Still Creeping Us Out!


KJ Williams

After the Amityville craze of the seventies, we have come a long way into the modern age. And though, we can’t live without our cell phones, computers, fast cars, and amazing electronics, it seems apparent that one thing hasn’t changed in almost half a century, we still love a good ghost story!

Like so many horror fans, I am looking forward to the next installment of the Conjuring series. I have followed the careers of Ed, and Lorraine Warren since the early Nineties. Reading most of their published works, and any interviews I can find since the evolution of You Tube, I have been fascinated with their story. Ed was a self-proclaimed Demonologist. And, Lorraine is a Psychic Medium.

Although Ed has since passed, and Lorraine is now in her late eighties, their story is still being told, and the mystery of things paranormal continues to intrigue us.

The case of the Perron family haunting, in Rhode Island in 1971 gave birth to books, and in 2013, a movie.

I enjoyed “The Conjuring”, even though, after doing some research, I came to question it’s truthfulness. Apparently, since the movie came out, the oldest child, Andrea, has profited from it with a trilogy of books, entitled; “House of Darkness, House of Light”, and has since had a falling out with the current owners of the home. The claims that numerous people committed suicide in the house, have not been validated. And, it seems the writers, and director have been accused of embellishing the story quite a bit.

But, aside from all of that, it’s real scary fun. I mean, there have been countless witnesses that the whole Amityville story was fabricated, but every time a new movie comes out, like the Halloween, Freddie, Friday the 13th franchise’s, the dedicated fans head out to see it.

The Warrens have always maintained that the events really did happen. So, it really doesn’t matter to me, as I said, we all love a good ghost story. Also, having experienced paranormal events myself, I feel a connection to these stories.

According to the latest Hollywood news, the sequel, “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, has already started filming, and is scheduled to be released on June 10th 2016, almost three years after the first movie.

James Wan is director, and the Hayes brothers, Chad and Carey, have written this one as well. Also, Vera Farmiga, and Patrick Wilson will reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The sequel is about a case that they investigated in London, England from 1977 to 1979. It involved the haunting, and possession of a house, and eleven year old, Janet Hodgson as the main focus. Like the Perron family haunting, there were claims surrounding the incident that it was a publicity stunt, concocted by the Hodgson children. I did some research on it, and some people claim that the daughter, Janet, enjoyed the media attention, thus embellished the stories that she, and her siblings were experiencing.

What ever the case with these stories, it’s creepy fun. And, who doesn’t love a good ghost story, especially around Halloween?

Well, I guess some people don’t…..sorry people!! Ha ha ha!

So, check out The Conjuring, and The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist…..if you dare!!

Let me know what you think!!


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